Sunday, October 21, 2012

COLOR BLOCKED/Demobaza gloves

Here's another piece of my Demobaza pre-order. How cool are these deconstructed fingerless gloves? I am definitely a believer in Demobaza and will be purchasing more pieces soon! 

Well, in a few hours I'll board a destination, Iceland! Are you ready?

This is Digital Vacancy...signing off.


demobaza gloves

raf by raf simons denim

hip and bone linen tee

Thursday, October 18, 2012

IndiFUEL/mixcould set

There's only a few days left before I board a plane to Iceland.  I can only think about the years that have gone by with this moment being only a thought in my mind. I think back to that crucial moment that I have never forgotten- Staring at a TV screen in the late hours of the night at an image of a giant stuffed teddy bear trolling through the woods while being tracked by a hunter who it later kills.  And there it was, I was entranced by my first exposure to Björk. An artist that brought a sound that I had never heard before . Her voice is as mesmerizing as the construction of her songs and the images in her videos. This was my first exposure to Iceland during a pivotal time in music. It also began a growing need to visit the country that continues to bring forth such amazing talent to the music industry.

So here's my contribution to Iceland a country that has a monumental influence in my expanding growth of musical culture.  I present you with a mix that draws upon the sounds of independent artists that inspire me the same way Björk did so many years ago.  It leans a bit more to the likes of Bondax, but this duo from across the pond forces you to do one thing...listen. ENJOY!

...P.S. Icelanders. If you see me, say 'Hi!' Let's have a drink.


free down load link here

Sunday, October 7, 2012

ROAD WARRIOR/icon elsinore boots

I stumbled upon these boots while searching for a pair of vintage MX boots. These were such a great re-hash of the vintage style that I was looking for and I finally broke down and bought them. The Elsinore boot under ICON's One Thousand line is a serious boot! I like the metal heel plate and buckles, the stamped leather shin has replaced the metal shin plate of yesterdays MX boots. If you haven't seen ICON's One Thousand line, it's definitely worth a's as if someone has finally seen the beauty in the wasteland...thank you Mad Max.


icon elsinore boots

lucky strike motorcycle jacket

desigual denim

joe rocket armoured gauntlet  gloves