Tuesday, January 31, 2012

EVERYTHING MOSS/diesel houndstooth jacket

These Paper Denim jeans have been through some rough times. I've worn them into the ground as they are one of my favorite pairs. There's just something so comforting about them, plus the fit is great!

This Diesel jacket doesn't see the light of day very much. I'm not sure why, because it's such a great piece! With a little time to kill before a Diana Krall concert, Amanda and I happened to stop by the local Diesel store. To our surprise the store was having a huge sale as they were moving to a new location. Whether or not you can consider moving from one side of the mall to the other a big move is beside the point. The fact remains, we scored a great deal on some Diesel pieces. Sadly, this event has never been recreated...

Will the real Kate Moss please stand up... wait, you are and you're on my shirt. I found this cool tee at Urban Outfitters. Cotton tee, triptych print of Kate Moss topless...SOLD!


diesel houndstooth jacket

dirty english fingerless leather gloves

deter polaroid girl tee

diesel neon belt

paper denim jeans

ray ban sunglasses

Friday, January 27, 2012

STINKY RAT/marc jacobs stinky rat

I purchased this leather jacket when I was in high school. Sure, people laughed, but who's laughing now! These jackets are a hot item...I guess I was just way ahead of my time. So, after the walk across the stage and the whole cap and gown, here it is again and surprisingly in great shape. The jackets have been made popular again, by designers such a Marc Jacobs. Speaking of Marc Jacobs, I have this great Stinky Rat shirt thanks to Amanda from her trip to Las Vegas.

It's sad that Rock & Republic will not be what they used to be. When I read an article describing how they filed for bankruptcy and were bought out by another company that is placing them in Kohl's...I couldn't believe it. A lux denim brand now selling for $4o a piece. Should they even still be called Rock & Republic? I just want to go out and purchase some Rock & Republic denim so that every time I wear them I can remember just how great they used to be. Pouring out some of my liquor, " This is for my dead homie..."


leather jacket boutique find

rock & republic studded high top shoes

william rast for target denim

marc jacobs stinky rat long sleeve shirt

desigual messenger bag

a.j.morgan sunglasses

Thursday, January 26, 2012

CYCLE TECH/tumi tech messenger

This look reminds me of a spread I saw in an issue of Surface Magazine. I just remember how the stylist dressed up the typical casual look of a motorcycle jacket. Sure, the Surface spread used Armani motorcycle style leather jackets and Ducati motorcycles, but here's my interpretation. The credit should go to Amanda who thought that dressing this jacket up would be cool. I was surprised to hear her suggest this because she doesn't even like this jacket. To be honest this jacket has been hanging up in my room for a while now waiting for me to ride my bike again one day. I have been in one of those never ending project modes, you know the type...the ones where you have this great idea to work on something, but it just never happens. But, if anyone tells you that you can't make 1/4 inch bright green leather look good...tell him or her it's just not true! All you need is a great button down and a Tumi messenger bag and you're set.


icon daytona hero motorcycle jacket

thrifted pants

joseph abboud shoes

h&m button down

perry ellis tie

dirty english fingerless gloves

diesel belt

tumi tech messenger bag

ray ban sunglasses

Friday, January 20, 2012

PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC/rock & republic studded high tops

I've been dreaming about these shoes for a while. These studded high tops are awesome! They bring me back to my youth, as I haven't worn high stops since I was a kid. They are a bit strange to walk in...kind of like a ski boot, but who cares when you have studded shoes like this!

The jacket was found in a flea market in Barcelona, Spain. I couldn't believe all of the great finds as I passed one booth after the other, Amanda pointed out this great vendor. For 20 Euro this jacket was mine. I like the worn in look and the great patches that adorn it.

The shirt has a story of it's own. On a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, a short stop in Taos yielded this awesome shirt. As I'm sitting in a boutique reading the latest issue of W magazine while Amanda was purchasing every great piece in sight, the owner walks up and asks if I would like this shirt. Score one for me! She tells me that it's a new designer from Japan. She only sells women's clothing and if I would like shirt I could have it. Amanda walks into the store buys everything in sight and gets a bill; I walk in sit down read a mag and get a shirt...doesn't get better than that! I love this shirt as the design has a great way of saving us from the mundane printed tees out there today.


rock & republic studded high top shoes

desigual denim

jacket purchased at flea market in barcelona

forest shirt

LOUNGING ABOUT/howe blazer

I really like these lounge pants from H&M. I would actually like to get another pair, maybe in black. Yeah, typical I know, but you can't go wrong with these.

The shirt was a gift from Amanda on her recent trip to Turkey. I usually don't wear a lot of color like this. There's no getting around the RED of this shirt as it's the national flag of Turkey. Have you ever just looked at the design? The placement of the crescent and the star, it's such a great design! I think this shirt really looks great against the muted colors of the Howe blazer, the grey lounge pants and oversized Zara scarf.

This Gucci duffle bag is my travel companion. I can't remember a trip that I've taken where this bag wasn't by my side. Small, compact and the perfect size for a carry on.

We have a very special guest here tonight; something that I once again would like to bring to the stage; something that I hold very dear to me. They have been tried, tested and always hold true. They have made an appearance numerous times...Please give a warm welcome to...My boots.

howe blazer

zara scraf

gucci duffle bag

h&m lounge pants

ebay boots

graphic tee from turkey

Saturday, January 14, 2012

LET THE MUSIC PLAY/juicy couture wax denim blazer

I like this look...usually I dress this Juicy Couture wax denim blazer up, but as it has started to show signs of wear, I like dressing it down with my favorite pair of denim, this Diesel polo and Kenneth Cole pony hair shoes...I think the shoes are just "pony" because the hair is starting to fall out. The Brixton hat is a nice addition... I've been wearing this hat for weeks like it's the only one I have or something.

I love these retro styled Pioneer headphones. I'm an audiophile and if I could I would drown out the everyday noise with music...and if you have to do it, may as well do it in style. I like mixing modern with a bit of retro styling and these headphones definitely make a statement. Unlike (*cough* Beats headphones) I admit I laugh inside each time I see someone wearing them. Come on people, isn't it about time people starting making decisions on their own without thinking that things are cool because that celeb tells them it's cool. I have a pair of Urbanears that I've beaten into the ground from wearing them everyday. One word to describe them'"Awesome!" when I'm on the go it's the best way to hear the music. Until next time, keep listening.

brixton houndstooth driver hat

juicy couture wax denim blazer

diesel polo shirt

true religion billy denim

kenneth cole pony hair shoes

Sunday, January 8, 2012

DAM/street style

clockwise in collage- installation by Sandy Skoglund, painting: Robert Motherwell

First I would like to give a shout out to my Latvian viewers....this one's for you! Thanks for the support!

This was a good time. I have to say I'm amazed by the Denver Art Museum, the building itself is a great piece of modern architecture...this day was really nice because there was nobody there. I discovered a new artist on this trip, Robert Motherwell, and I was completely amazed by his work. It was like a dissection of Japanese calligraphy. The installation by Sandy Skoglund was another inspiring piece.

Here I am again, wearing these boots...I wasn't joking when I said "When all else fails, these boots won't." They definitely get the job done. This Y-3 blazer is one of my favorite pieces. Dress it up or down, it always looks good.

A trip to the museum was a nice way to start 2012!

Did I mention I have an alias? Keep watching and you may find out.

sculpture by: Sui Jianguo

painting by: Richard Patterson

y-3 blazer

missoni for target scarf

william rast shirt

asos knit cuffs

h&m lounge pants

ebay boots

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

UNION STATION/street style

Denver looks pretty cool in black and white...

It was really cold this night and keeping my hands in my pockets while wrapped in ASOS knit cuffs didn't help. I love these boots, when all else fails, I know these boots won't; they remind me of seeing my dad in his BDU's everyday before he retired from the military. Actually, editing these pics made me realize just how much I look like my dad. Sorry, you can't see my festive holiday sweater underneath my coat...maybe another time.


brixton hat

missoni for target scarf

inc peacoat

ebay boots

thrifted pants

asos knit cuffs

Sunday, January 1, 2012


I like this look; a modern day take on a fairytale. No glass slippers here...just a YSL pump. A night out and a missing shoe.

brooks brothers bow tie

thrifted pants

zara man blazer

vintage red tux shirt

gucci belt

robert wayne boots

ysl imperiale pump (missing from dollhouse vacancy)