Thursday, February 21, 2013


I'm not one to leave my car stock...and I'm not one that can relate to anyone who does. Sure, I can say to each their own, but just like walking into a room with someone wearing the same outfit as you...don't you just feel weird pulling up next to someone at a light and seeing their car looks exactly like yours. 

I could talk about modding all day...debating Turbo vs NA and which is better. I've been non both sides...We could talk about FWD, RWD and AWD; and I've driven them all. So deciding to sell my B5 platform Audi A4 to obtain my true love the BMW e46 was one decision that I have not regretted and if asked again, I would do it again at the "drop of a hat." 

Modding a car is something that takes time, but as you add piece by piece there is something that is absolutely gratifying about creating something completely unique. So, after my first order of business which entailed adding the LED angel eyes with the remote fade feature I decided to add a bit of color...I colored the inside flash/high beam lights in yellow. I know that this was primarily a French feature found on many cars and one may ask, "Why would you do something like that to a German car?" ...Easy,  it looks good!


...I'm not even done as I'm posting this I have already thought about changing the headlight lens completely to yellow.

bmw e46

Sunday, February 17, 2013

NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM/ dead space 3 ps3

I've been a fan of Dead Space since the beginning, so I didn't hesitate to purchase part 3 on pre-order  and since it's arrival I haven't regretted a single moment. It's hard to find something in which the sequel is just as good as the original or in some cases the sequel is better than the original; That's right I'm looking at you "Aliens." Sorry, no disrespect, Ridley Scott, but the win on that goes to James Cameron! 

Let's get back to the matter at first glance I could say that my first opinion of Dead Space 3 was not of the highest regard, but after playing it, I find myself getting just as scared and freaked out as when I played the original Dead Space!  This latest installment may not of garnered the highest rating and I don't see why not...this is Dead Space...and it's one of the most beautiful games I have ever played! The level of detail is amazing! Even if you are not into horror games, this is one you must see to believe! I can say that one thing that Viseral has done since the beginning is the sound...they really know how to create an atmosphere that can freak the hell out of you! 

The critics only say this game is good... I say this game is great! That's right I'm talking about you IGN only giving this game a I say it's warranted? No! This game is great! Who the hell is writing these reviews anyway...if you don't believe me, then go out and get this game...if you don't like it, you weren't a true dead space fan to begin with! Now if I could make a real life RIG suit along with a plasma cutter I would be set! 


p.s. I love the pic found at Dollhouse Vacancy!

Also, if you love Dead Space just as much as me and are up for a little co-op action...just let me know! Turn it off, Turn it off, Turn it off, Turn it off, Turn it off, Turn it off...

Friday, February 15, 2013

INSIDE OUT/maison martin margiela for h&m reversed denim

This reversed denim was a steal at only $15...that's right, I didn't stutter and you read this correctly... It only cost me $15 for these re-edition Maison Martin Margiela for H&M denim! Yeah, that's right Kris Kross, you wear your pants backwards...these are inside out! 


juicy couture wax denim blazer

perry ellis sweater

h&m beanie 

h&m cable knit scarf

bb bruno bordese washed leather boots

maison martin margiela for h&m reversed denim 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

BACK IN CAMO/jordan craig camo chino pant

I'm still loving these Jordan Craig camo chino pants! I think I need another pair, in a different color of course! I'm thinking the rip stop camo pant...

I'll be honest, I can't believe I still have this puffer... I didn't even remember that I had it! I know what you may be thinking...Old Navy, really? But, be that as it may, this puffer with it's built in carabiner has been able to stand the test of time and it still looks new. OK, maybe it looks that good because I've only worn it a handful of times, but hey, did I mention it has a built in carabiner...not sure what I would use it for.


jordan craig camo chino pants

bb bruno bordese washed leather boots

armani exchange sweater 

old navy puffer vest

maison martin margiela for h&m cuff

Sunday, February 10, 2013

4 EYES/warby parker glasses

I've been putting off getting new glasses for a while and I'm not sure why...It quickly became one of those projects that you say you'll get to but never do. Then I stumbled upon Warby Parker...a site full of vintage inspired glasses. The cool part is that you get to pick some and in a few days they are at your door for you to enjoy for the next five days! After the trial period, return online and place your order.

It's not like I'm blind or anything...I describe my need for glasses as if someone sprayed Windex on my world, just like when you use the squeegee at the gas station on your windshield or making the move to HDTV.

I haven't had to make a decision this hard in a while...but then I thought 'why settle for just one pair?' I could get two or three...I could change them like my clothes or an added accessory. Even now I'm still trying to decide which ones I like best, but even if I never come to a decision, it's a good thing I ordered contacts.


warby parker glasses

maison martin margiela for h&m cuff

h&m button down 

perry ellis tie

express sweater vest

Friday, February 8, 2013


I got this bow tie from the tie bar for my birthday. This is the second one that has been added to my repertoire...I guess I should learn how to tie one, but why bother when the casual look of this unkempt tie looks so good! 


h&m suit

h&m button down

the tie bar bow tie

ray-ban avaiators

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Although I feel like an interactive billboard for h&m with this outfit, I love this top hat. I have always wanted one and I could never really find one that I liked...until this one appeared on a recent shopping trip. With no tags, this great piece was hanging on a rack as if it was meant for me to find it! 

You don't have to be the Mad Hatter or even a stuffy sophisticated socialite to wear a top hat...and please don't be one that will only wear a top hat to a wedding (no offense if you happen to be one that has). Dressed up or down, a top hat is a must-have accessory. Next time I'll let my nerd flag fly and strap some goggles on for a steam-punk look.


 h&m top hat

perry ellis tie

h&m button down 

h&m waistcoat

h&m motorcycle denim 

marc jacobs braces

ebay boots

Friday, February 1, 2013

BAND CAMP/valley forge jacket


vintage valley forge military jacket

maison martin margiela for h&m revered denim spring/summer 2005

bb bruno bordese washed leather boots

maison martin margiela for h&m leather cuff

deter only in america tee

ray-ban aviators