Sunday, February 26, 2012

I AM BATMAN/desigual denim

This post is more of a confession... I have been leading a double life, and I guess it was only a matter of time before the details of my life would be exposed. Thanks to Amanda, my alias was revealed to the world, and yes it's true... I am QualifiD MTRL. I have spent the past week coming up with my set for a gig at The Rackhouse Pub in Denver with my friend, Mikey Abell (AKA FunkFlux).

A post to follow shortly dedicated to the awesome Numark V7's!


calvin klein jeans tee

desigual denim

Sunday, February 19, 2012

REAR WINDOW/magic jacket

I tell everyone this jacket is magic. I purchased it on eBay before a trip to New York and I received so many even landed me in New York Mag as one of the 10 best dressed at the Vogue Fashion Show. So, yes...this jacket is made of magic. Enjoy the photos.


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ebay jacket

h&m shirt

bb bruno bordese washed boots

h&m motorcycle pants

Friday, February 17, 2012

AROUND THE CORNER/bb bruno bordese boots

Here they are with their very own post...BB Bruno Bordese washed boots. I was watching these boots for a while and thanks to The Corner they are now mine. Seeing the status of my order display that it was being prepared and shipped from Italy to their US warehouse, made me truly realize just how amazing these boots really are. I'll let the pictures do the talking... I'm going to listen to some drum and bass.


bb bruno bordese washed boots

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SURVEILLANCE/bb bruno bordese washed boots

Motorcycle helmets are a great prop. I like seeing an editorial spread using a motorcycle helmet...there's something very futuristic about it. Case in point; next time you see a sci-fi movie I guarantee the soldier or security force in the movie will be wearing a motorcycle styled helmet. Hell, they may even just be wearing a straight up motorcycle helmet...Equilibrium anyone? An awesome movie by the way.

The motorcycle pants and shirt are from H&M. I really like the washed denim and finishing of these jeans. They have this rough and rugged look that I love. The shirt has this red inside lining along the color giving it this great contrast against the grey. Perhaps in a later post I'll give a better look at it.

The boots are washed leather by Bruno Bordese. These boots are so great, they deserve a post of their own. Stay tuned ...

bb bruno bordese washed boots

mpt industries jacket

h&m long sleeve shirt

h&m motorcycle denim

nordstrom rail glasses

icon motorcycle helmet

dirty english fingerless leather gloves

Friday, February 10, 2012

MAXED OUT/andrea pomilio quilted contrast jacket

I bought this amazing Andrea Pomilio jacket from Park and Bond. Here's another piece that uses white bias tape to finish the garment. Not only is the cut and finish absolutely perfect, but how about the cashmere contrast sleeves? This jacket is thin and light, which is the exact opposite of the perfect winter jacket...but, this IS the perfect winter jacket. No bulk and you stay ever so warm! ....Plus it just looks cool!

These pants are from Zara...another great find for a great price. I've always wanted pants like these. I joke about feeling like Mel Gibson in Mad Max when I wear them. All I need now is a 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe and I'm set.


andrea pomilio quilted contrast jacket

modern amusement bird tee

thrifted aviators

zara man pant

ebay boots

A NEW YORK STORY/topman trench

Here's a not so typical trench. I found this piece at Topman in New York. I was walking through the store and rummaging through one item after another just looking to see what spoke to me and there was this trench.. It's as if it called out to me... I like how it's finished in the striking white bias tape. It's a trench of the future. I still love the standard tan colored trench, but this one really makes a statement. Buttoned, tied or even draped on my shoulders (I kind of feel like Lando in the Empire Strikes Back...sorry, nerd moment).

The rest of this look is primarily H&M. The sweater, plaid shirt and the tie were all found at the Swedish Hennes & Mauritz store we all love.

The shoes are from F21. They are easy to throw on, easy to wear and (surprisingly) always look great.


topman trench

thrifted pants

f21 men shoes

h&m sweater

h&m tie

h&m button down

ray ban wayfarer

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

LEGEND/custo barcelona hoodie

Do you remember last year when there was this unbelievable heat wave that struck the New England area? I was in New York with Amanda during that time for the McQueen exhibit at The Met. I don't think that there are any words possible that can describe McQueen's work. Seeing pictures or video of his shows cannot even compare to what it was like to see these amazing pieces up close. One after another, I was reminded of how I felt when I saw these pieces in his shows and I was even more speechless being only mere feet away from them. I'll always remember that experience each time I wear this Custo Barcelona hoodie that I bought in SOHO on that trip. I like the rough edges and unfinished hem of this piece. The 2010 Fashion Night Out tee and Desigual distressed denim is a nice way to complete the look along with Rock and Republic studded high tops.

New York 2011, it's not the sweltering heat, power outages or the hot air being blown in my face as I walked into each store that I'll will be the unbelievable experience of seeing the works one of the greatest designers that has ever lived. R.I.P. McQueen.


2010 fashion night out tee

desigual denim

rock and republic studded high tops

custo barcelona hoodie

Saturday, February 4, 2012

THE NEED FOR SPEED/flight suit

OK, so have you seen the G Star denim coverall? It's a whole lot of denim, but it's kind of cool...Well, here's my interpretation, just when you thought the military movement was over, here's some more for your viewing pleasure. G Star, I'll see your coveralls and raise you a flight suit. This piece was packed away in a box as it was used last year for Halloween...warning, major nerd moment ahead...that's right, I was a Ghostbuster! No, not that cheap blow up pack from those pop up Halloween shops; I'm talking about a real Ghostbuster that could rival what was in the movie. But, that's another story within itself and a year in the making. Let's get back to the flight suit. Sure, I can see people saying it may be crazy, but is it really? Pajamas are the hottest craze right now (SEE/femme) so why not this? Maybe it's not denim and it doesn't have a G Star logo on it (although I'm surprised they haven't already thought of slapping their name on the leg of one of these suits and calling it a day), it's the next best thing. Dress this flight suit up with a button down, grab your favorite pair of sunglasses and you're set for a tower fly by Maverick!


thrifted belt used as arm band

h&m button down

ebay boots

a.j. morgan sunglasses

army surplus store military belt bag

army surplus flight suit

Friday, February 3, 2012

SNOWED IN REMINISCENCE/akai gx 27od-ss reel to reel

Do you have something that you really cherish? This would be something that's very sentimental to me...To all you audiophiles out there, you know exactly what this is. This reel to reel was given to me by my father, who bought it in the 70's. The GX 27OD-SS was one of the last 4 channel reel to reels produced by Akai. You typically see reel to reel tape decks in a 2 channel version which makes this rare. I love this thing! It looks great and is definitely a conversation starter. There's nothing like being able to hear music on one of these...that's right no mp3 digitally compressed audio, this is the real deal. Every time I look at it I think of that scene from Pulp Fiction, where Uma Thurman presses play on the reel to reel and "Girl, You'll be a woman soon" begins to play by Urge Overkill. So, the original was by Neil Diamond which I prefer, but they didn't do a bad rendition. Ok, I'm not dancing around my place like Uma and I prefer to listen to The Animals and some Jimi Hendrix while enjoying Stella Artois from a chalice, but I will raise my glass and say "Thanks, Dad...this really means a lot to me."

Thursday, February 2, 2012

ARMY OF ONE/lacoste futur 2 sneaker

When I saw this blazer I had to have it! Sure, the military look has been done before, but when has it ever gone out of style? I don't know about you but I love military style, whether it be vintage or some modern interpretation. The blazer you see before you was a birthday gift, courtesy of yours truly...that's right, the creative mind behind Dollhouse Vacancy, Amanda. Thank you, Amanda! As soon as I saw it I knew I just had to have it. Truth be told, I may be a bit biased in my love of military styling. One could even say I am predisposed to liking all things military. It's a part of who I am, my father was in the military and with me growing up in it, it was all I knew...So, yes, OD green is my favorite color.


black rivet military blazer

inc denim

william rast shirt

lacoste futur 2 sneakers

ray ban wayfarers