Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today was the preview of the YSL Retrospective in, what's wrong here? It's in Denver! How did this happen? ...I'm not going to ask any questions as the answer is probably as complicated as a quantum physics equation. Sure, I could go on and on about the construction of each garment and how impeccable the designs were, but what good would that do when you can't see the pieces that I'm talking about...that's right, no photography inside, hence the outside shot and the graphic wall print to the entrance. I was completely blown away with how well this was presented. All I can say is if you are in Denver or planning on visiting before it's gone in July...this is definitely worth it.

...the sequins presented in this exhibit didn't violate me as they were put together so perfectly.

*no clothes were harmed in the writing of this post because they aren't presented here.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

WAFFLES AND/asos black long sleeve waffle top

ebay boots

h&m motorcycle denim

asos black long sleeve waffle top

zara man nylon jacket

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

LUCKY/juicy couture wax denim blazer

Happy birthday Amanda and Shannon! To celebrate we went to a new place that opened up on the cool side of 16th St Mall...if you have been to Denver then you know the side I'm talking about. The place is called Lucky Pie...If you like your food fresh and made in-house, then this is the place for you, and if you like pizza then this really is the place for you. I rescinded a decision to give up pizza (one of my favorite foods) for a while in order to try the pie and it was well worth it! If you are in Denver, it's definitely worth a try...don't worry Buenos Aires Pizza, you're still my favorite...

The barely seen RAF Simons velcro shirt will be featured later...I promise.


raf simons shirt

juicy couture wax denim blazer

mek corduroy

ray ban sunglasses

16th street bench as itself

Sunday, March 18, 2012


It's late morning...Do you know where you're children are at? As if anyone has to worry about me, everyone usually knows where I am. I'm passing the time playing some tunes! These pictures were taken while I was going through songs for a track list to a demo that I was putting together. So, here I am on the V7's...stay tuned and I'll post a set on SoundCloud to download.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

RUSTY TUNING/mek corduroy

I haven't worn a pair of corduroy since I was a kid, but when I found these by Mek; I had to have them! The finish is really cool almost like rust, giving them this roughed up worn look....It's cool to wear corduroy!


asos black 3/4 sleeve shirt

mek corduroy

mpt industries jacket

thirfted belt as bracelet

Friday, March 9, 2012

BITTER/missoni for target scarf

Bittersweet, an amazing restaurant here in Denver. If you are ever in the area it's something that should be added to your "to do list." Amanda and I had some time to burn before the reservation so we stopped to do a shoot. I look at these pics and it makes me feel like I'm looking through some security video feed. I like parking garages....kind of a weird statement, sure...but, I like the raw industrial feel of concrete and the ominous lighting that these structures create.


alfani vest

perry ellis tie

h&m button down

thrifted pants

joseph abboud shoes

missoni for target scarf

a|x military trench

d&g belt

Thursday, March 8, 2012

HIGH CONTRAST/bb bruno bordese washed boots


h & m long sleeve shirt

dirty english fingerless leather gloves

zara man motorcycle pants

bb bruno bordese washed boots

d & g belt

hot topic braces

thrifted belt worn as a bracelet

Monday, March 5, 2012

PEACH/tokyo bay watch


Any David Chang fans here? ....I AM! I AM! Momofuku, Ssam Bar, Milk Bar; been there, done that. Would I do it again? YES! I received a subscription for this mag from two awesome friends for my birthday (I'd like to give a shout out to Shannon and Joel, I love the mag!) Lucky Peach...Momofuku...see the connection?

The Tokyo Bay watch was a nice find when I went to Santa Fe with our very own Amanda. I like the retro styling of the watch and the brushed aluminum finish is definitely a conversation starter.

lucky peach magazine

tokyo bay watch

Friday, March 2, 2012



The V7 delivers outstanding feel and unprecedented power in a single-platter digital DJ controller....blah, blah, blah. I'm not trying to write some review about these decks or sell you on just how awesome they are...We could debate the traditional vinyl turntable vs digital formats all day long and never come to a consensus. It's not about who's right or who's wrong or which format is better. Truth be told, I think it's more personal preference than anything. I've played on 12's, I've used Final Scratch, Serato SL1, DNS1000's, NDX800's...and which have been my favorite? ...These Numark V7's have blown me away! They are not traditional turntables and they are not complete CD turntables, they are something in between. They give you more control over the music like 12's, but with a seven-inch, motorized, high-torque aluminum turntable platter.....and I'm sure I could bore you with the details, but there has not been one moment when I have regretted my purchase. I remember when I got them, I was like a little kid on Christmas and sure, the packaging of a box within a box was overkill when you want to get to them quick, but since the day I unpacked them I haven't looked back. I am always proud to say I don't get distracted with shiny things, but when these light up my eyes become glossy and I am transported to another place where the reality of this world melts away as I add my own soundtrack. Sure, it's not fashion, but you do look good with these in front of you.

Numark V7

Thursday, March 1, 2012

BOOK 'EM/brixton

This is not a real mugshot

This is not a real mugshot

This is not a real mugshot


Hang out with Dollhouse Vacancy and this is what happens...Sweet little headband hoarder...whatever! Just for the record I like my 3 hats and I am not jealous of not having a room full of headbands...could you see me in one? I'd look like a newborn bald baby with bow on their head. Is it really serving a purpose? My favorite hat is this Russian one. This isn't one of those surplus store finds here; this is from a Boss Unlimited, an awesome vintage store here in Denver. I'm sure this hat has a story to tell as it has the date of 1984 stamped in it along with some writing. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what it says. The other two hats are by Brixton and Desigual. The Desigual fedora was a freebie for going on a shopping spree in the store on a trip to Barcelona...Score!!

vintage russian military hat

brixton busker II cap

desigual fedora

h&m button