Monday, May 28, 2012

BLEEDING HEART/royal elastics

Confluence Park has to be one of the best areas in Denver. I walk up and down the16th street mall daily and it's easy to forget about some of the cool things Denver has to offer like the Contemporary Art's not a modern marvel like the Denver Art Museum and it's placed on the corner of street where you would pass by and not give it a second look except it has a giant bleeding heart sculpture right out, that's a little hard to miss. But, does it make it less attractive than the Denver Art Museum? NO! It's just as amazing! ...and I've never received a free Edun tee at the DAM.

Playing down the suit with a more casual look which worked great for these Royal Elastics sneakers...sure, maybe I bought them to fill the void in my heart for the Givenchy Arctic Padded Sneakers being sold out everywhere in my size but I must say...I really like them!


royal elastics vader in black 

h&m suit 

deter tee polariod girl

ray ban aviator sunglasses

zara scarf 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

LOCALE/ true religion denim

I can't say I have been the biggest fan of Boulder, so when  Amanda asked me about joining in on a quick trip with her family there, I must admit I did cringe a little...But, I can say that I am glad I went, I had a an amazing time! Drinking absinthe at Absinthe House and pizza at Pizzeria Locale...can it be any better? Possibly...because next time it's Frasca.


true religion denim

h&m top

d&g belt

dirty english fingerless gloves

ebay jacket

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NEON BLOCKING/zara scarf

I always spoke about needing a fedora and then on our trip to Paris earlier this year, it seemed as if everyone was wearing one! So, for an accessory that cost less than 10 euro...I bring you this spring/summer color blocked look. 

...and yes, these pants come with their very own force field, how else do you think they stay so white?


fedora from the streets of paris 

h&m button down 

liz claiborne nylon pant

joseph abboud tanner in black

diesel flagerio belt in orange

zara scarf

Sunday, May 20, 2012

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE/hugo boss orange label

 Here's a few pieces that I was unsure of...Well, actually one I was unsure of and the other was misplaced for a while. I the firefighter uniform jacket was found at a yard sale.  This is the first time that I tried it on and really liked it. It's been sitting in my closet for almost a year...waiting for the right time to make an appearance and here's its 15 minutes of fame! The hat was a gift from Amanda when she went to Russia, which is awesome! I have always wanted to go to Russia...and I will make it there one day. It would be really cool to be able to Dj out in St. Petersberg one day! So if you're reading this Russia, just let me know when and I'll be there!


hugo boss orange label trainers

mek corduroy

2011 FNO tee

thrifted hat from the streets of st petersburg russia

fire fighter uniform jacket yard sale find

Friday, May 18, 2012

PRODUCT PLACEMENT/ bb bruno bordese

Wow, I guess it wasn't until after the fact, I realized...I'm a billboard add for H&M.



h & m vest

bb bruno bordese washed leather boots

h & m button down 

h & m lounge pants

perry ellis tie

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MORE/raf simons

Do you have something that takes you to another place, like to your own world that you have created? I picture my world like that of the grid in Tron, or even like Blade Runner (I love that movie!). This RAF Simmons piece makes me think of some sci-fi future movie and I am now obsessed with owning more RAF Simons... jackets, shorts, shoes... I need more! I finally understand Amanda's obsession with Marc Jacobs...I too have found mine, that piece that takes me to my own world and makes it is as real as I want it to be.


zara man motorcycle pants

raf simons vecro sweat shirt

h&m button down

perry ellis tie

bb bruno bordese washed leather boots

Saturday, May 12, 2012

GET 'ER DONE/behringer ddm 4000

 Suffering from a bit of a creative block I decided to post these pics. For about a week I didn't play, my old mixer went out and then at the same time my headphones went out as well... I had been talking about getting a new mixer and some new headphones and what better time is there to splurge a little when you have a valid reason to do so. May I present, the Behringer DDM 4000 and the Hercules HDP DJ-ADV G501(...that's one hell of a long name, it couldn't be called the 501's? )...and in my normal fashion, I prefer not to bore you with the details of everything this mixer can do, and sure I may be going against the grain as to not have purchased one of the many DJM series by Pioneer, but I like this mixer!  So, now I'm back...immersing myself in sound and still trying to get used to my new equipment. Stay tuned as I will be posting a set on SoundCloud.  In conclusion, this mixer gets the job done and if I want to shell out the amount of money it would take me to fly round trip to Europe (plus a hotel) on a mixer it won't be for a Pioneer...I'll buy a RANE! 

Interested in Marc Jacobs?...see a brilliant post by none other than Dollhouse Vacancy! See the link below.


Behringer DDM 4000

Hercules HDP DJ-ADV G501

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LIKE CASUAL FRIDAY/asos black waffle knit top

This here is my casual look...where would I wear it?...where wouldn't I wear it! Actually, I could think of a few places it may not necessarily be appropriate, but I must admit that I didn't think I could like lounge pants as much as these...and paired with this ASOS Black waffle knit overly long top is great.

...Yes, I'm still mad at you XBOX and currently selling every article of gaming paraphernalia associated with it.

asos black waffle knit top

h&m lounge pants

dirty english fingerless leather gloves

ray ban aviator sunglasses

bb bruno bordese washed boots

Sunday, May 6, 2012

THIS IS FINISHED/raf simons velcro sweatshirt

I said that I would do a post for this awesome RAF Simons top and here it is! Velcro in the front and in the back! Give me more RAF Simons!

It's video game Sunday...Not only is this a post about this velcro fleece top, but it's also a XBOX. Sure, there may be some true die-hard fans out there, but I need to come to terms with this situation. I have been cheated out of my hard earned money numerous times by Microsoft. I fell for your spell with Halo, but no more will I pretend that the system you have released is superior to that of the PS3. I say that as Amanda's nephews came over today to enjoy a day of video games and while my Playstation started up like that old faithful piece of machinery, like the old Detroit cars of XBOX 360 presented me with the "red rings of death" for the last many, is this? Number 5, number 6? ...I'm done! Sure, you could say,  "Why don't I get one of the new ones in black?"...Yeah, the new ones that have been redesigned to fix the problem... Well, why should I? It's the principle of the situation...XBOX, I'm done! It's not me, it's you!


raf simons velcro sweatshirt

rayban aviator sunglasses

liz claiborne  nylon pants

Friday, May 4, 2012

SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT/h&m motorcyle jacket

Ok...I'll admit these are not some of my favorite pictures. It's not because I don't like my outfit and it's not because they were taken at night. It's the fact that a flash was used because we were in the darkest part of the city, void of all street lights. Hear me out, it's not that it was dark but it's the use of a flash.

Flash and I don't get along and we have been at odds since our first encounter. Allow me to explain... standing their posing for a picture with friends, the flash goes off and the intense light causes me to blink, it's not something that I do as a conscious reaction, it's an involuntary response like breathing. So, while everyone is admiring the great picture they have all taken together to mark a memory of an experience we all shared in a moment in time, I'm the one who says, "Delete it, delete it now!" Why? Well I'm the only one in the group who looks intoxicated! 

Me being the super hero that I am have just exposed to the world my one weakness...the flash. Just like superman and kryptonite I had to find a way to combat my weakness. Through months of research and testing I have discovered the one thing that can protect me...sunglasses! I can take all the pictures I want with a flash without the fear of my weakness being shown. But, then it occurred to me, I'm not the only one with suffering from this ailment. Karl Lagerfeld (if he ever took a picture without sunglasses I probably wouldn't recognize him) and the entire front row of fashion week.

I wear sunglasses not only for style, but also because I too bleed if you prick me.


asos black 3/4 sleeve shirt

h&m motorcycle jacket

Thursday, May 3, 2012

GUNS and.../remix line tee

Dollhouse vacancy showed me this awesome print of YSL on a tee a while ago and on our trip to Paris we walked into Remix Line and there it was... originally found on a tee that wasn't in my size but the cool part was that they made me my own with a tee of my choice...20 minutes later and it was mine! Sorry, Denver...step it up! We need a shop just as cool. The only gun prints I like are the ones by Andy Warhol and now this print using a gun for the "L."


mek corduroy

rock & republic studded high tops

jack & jones jacket

dirty english fingerless leather gloves

remix line printed tee

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MANUAL SHIFT/zara man cowl neck

Who doesn't love a great's interesting to think about what may be important to someone when looking for a car; gas mileage (I don't care..), safety rating (whatever!), all I know is it better be European (sorry, can't help it I grew up in Germany) and it better be a manual. I tried the 'auto' thing and it just doesn't work for me. Autos and I just don't get along.

This shirt is great. I found it at a Zara in Paris. I like the exaggerated cowl neck. There's so much fabric I can pull it over my head like a hoodie. I did and when I saw that I looked like some bald alien there was no hesitation in deleting those pictures. The pants are some old familiars. Can I say I'm tired of these pants? No, because they are just some of my favorites. 


zara man cowl neck shirt

a j morgan sunglasses

ebay pants

special guest silver volkswagen passat