Friday, May 31, 2013

HUNGRY LIKE THE/m style wolf snap back

I am a fan of the cool snap backs that have been making an appearance lately...not the sports ones, but I'm talking about the ones with spikes...the ones adorned with metal plates or the ones that spell out "Y$L" or any other sweet phrase. I found this one while surfing the ebay listings and I loved that it spells "WOLF" and I love these crazy metal bolts attaching it to the hat!

When I wear it...all of a sudden I hear the lyrics to "Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran.

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edun tee

raf simons denim

dirty english fingerless leather gloves

show your m style wolf snap back 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FUTURE PERFECT/rick owens boots

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h&m biker jacket

h&m hooded cardigan

hip & bone linen tee

raf simons denim

rick owens wax crust boots

fox tail purchased on the streets of helsinki

belt bag army surplus find

dirty english fingerless leather gloves

replay vintage ski patrol sunglasses

Sunday, May 19, 2013

OUT OF CHARACTER/h&m color denim

I bought this brightly colored denim about a month ago at H&M on our Eastern European trip...Typically, bright colors aren't my thing, although I do have a soft spot for neon green...but that's just because my bike happens to be Kawasaki green. I bought these pants and didn't think of how I might style them...I just loved that they were so loud. I guess I was trying something a bit out of character for me. So, I bring you denim in bright blue, but a little roughed up with a touch of military.

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h&m denim 

ebay boots

h&m blazer

h&m button down

maison martin margiela for h&m belt

marc jacobs braces

Monday, May 13, 2013

THE COVETED/rick owens boots

I've coveted these Rick Owens boots for a very long time. I saw countless pictures of people everywhere flaunting the fact that they had them and I didn't...I was determined to not let this be another McQueen situation. Just to jog your memory a bit, I still want the Alexander McQueen visor from F/W 12. I was just always a bit late to get one and when I did have the opportunity, I hesitated and missed out on an amazing opportunity...Since then I have vowed never again! So, after months of wanting, waiting and fate having a good day, the chance to own these amazing boots was presented in all their glory! This time, I would be the victor! 

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kai aakman funnel neck sherpa coat (sans lining)

asos black waffle knit long sleeve shirt

nicholas k elliot pant 

ceasare paciotti 4us sunglasses

rick owens waxed crust boots 

marc jacobs braces

demobaza gloves

Friday, May 10, 2013

DON'T LET THE LIGHT SHINE IN/ bimmian m3 KMH gauge upgrade

Ever since my new family addition, I have had big plans for her. There's nothing like watching your little girl grow up, seeing her reach her full potential and becoming everything that she can be! I always knew that having her in my life was meant to be...a symbiotic relationship between me and one of the best pieces of automotive machinery to come out of Munich...the BMW e46. As perfect as this car is I just have one night it just drives me crazy to see that amber light bleeding through my gauges. I know I'm not alone, because everyone who posts a picture online of the e46 gauges at night turns the brightness down so only the numbers are illuminated. So I said, "Enough, I can't take this anymore!" I decided to upgrade and rid myself of that bloody amber glow once and for all.

I know that the mad scientists at BMW chose the amber because it was scientifically  proven to be the easiest on the eyes at night, but does the entire gauge need to be amber? I scoured the internet researching the vast forum write-ups of changing the color buy replacing the LED lighting...but, if I were to change the color of the gauges I would have to change all the colors of every dash piece that lights up in the car. At that very thought it wasn't the color that bothered me it was the thin piece of plastic that allowed that amber light to shine through and this brings me to my final decision.  I bring you these pictures of my new gauges courtesy of

...did you notice the gauge rings too?! ...and yes, I opted not to do the red Sharpie mod.

Next upgrade...Dynavin, here I come! 

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bimmian m3 style grey gauge face in kmh

silver gauge rings 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

BULLETS OVER BAMBI/marc jacobs cuff

I'm not one for jewelry... in fact, until recently (the last few years). This is all new to me and the funny thing is, I'm wearing all that I own in this pic! I'm not into really into rings as I've owned a few and each was lucky to stay on my finger longer than a day before ending up in a box never to be seen again.  But, I have taken an interest in some of those double finger rings... and I will admit that I'm really into that's something that I could wear all the time!

You won't find me in gold...just not really a fan, but Lovebullet's Bullet Bracelet is the closet thing to gold I'll ever get!

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ebay dog tags

masion martin margiela x h&m cuff

marc jacobs cuff

h&m chain bracelet

razor blade necklace from the streets of prague

Friday, May 3, 2013

GREYSCALED/kai aakman sherpa coat

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kai aakman funnel neck/sherpa coat

dirty english fingerless leather golves

cesare paciotte 4us sunglasses