Friday, August 30, 2013

THE DEATH OF DYSKO/mixcrate mix

So, as we head in a new direction with the blog...We, that being Amanda and myself have created our first posts based on metallic objects. You should really see Amanda's post, which can be found here... SEE/femme

I have decided to take a different approach to the metallic subject matter...If you have placed your seat in the upright position, then prepare yourself for my thought process. Please make sure that you keep your feet and hands inside the ride at all times... So, as I couldn't see myself using the same poses found at Dollhouse Vacancy I thought, what am I to do? As I was completing a new set based on the musical progression of disco to what is now house, prepare yourself...disco equals disco ball, house music is now the new disco and has been for a while. Disco ball equals shiny reflective ball which in turn shows shiny images on the dance floor. These reflective images are displayed in the image of the new mix set (see above). So, now do you see how this image coincides with a metallic them? Good!

Anyway, enjoy as you are now bound for a very interesting ride... Did I mention this is a free download? 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

ALMOST LIKE MCQUEEN/avelon pop jeans

I still can't get enough of these Avelon pop jeans...dressed up, dressed down, it doesn't matter they still look good. I fell asleep in them the other day, so I woke up looking good! I don't wear this wasitcoat very often, but it's a great one! I bought it in Paris and Amanda thought I had to add it to my wardrobe as it was very Mcqueen...and she was right! 

These Carrera sunglasses are my new accessory of the season...and yes, I fell asleep wearing them as well.  

avelon pop jeans

marc jacobs braces

h&m blazer

h&m waistcoat

h&m button down

carrera sunglasses

perry ellis tie

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

COVERED UNDER THE SUN/zara crossover jacket

As promised, here's the front of the Zara crossover jacket. I know it's not a great time to be posting pieces that are more fitted for fall, but this jacket is too cool! I'm already plotting my purchases of pieces that will be amazing once the weather has cooled...Cinzia Aria shoes, Demobaza jacket, Rick Owens...the collections for this upcoming season are perfection. So, place your pre-orders now and don't miss out! 

By the way, my Demobaza scarf arrived today. Although, it's far too hot to break that out just yet...but, there is a cold front moving so maybe I can get away with it.

modern amusement tee

zara crossover jacket

carrera sunglasses

Sunday, August 4, 2013

WOLF THIS/more avelon pop jeans

Can you think of any better way to combat this summer heat than by wearing a ballistic sytle vest, a scarf and a snap back hat?  I can't, but it sure does look good...sometimes you just have to deal with it.

I made an observation today about my wardrobe... it's not summer friendly. It's a closet full of jackets, blazers, denim, sweaters, boots and anything else that screams, 'This is not for summer fool!' Oh well, I guess I just wasn't meant to live on a beach or any other place that has over 75 degree weather...It goes without saying, it comes to no surprise as to why I would purchase a Demobaza scarf that should be delivered this week... I'm still trying to figure out how I'll be able to pull that off in August.

Check out Dollhouse Vacancy here... SEE/femme.

modern amusement tee

zara scarf

dirty english fingerless leather gloves

avelon pop jeans

marc jacobs bracelet

show your my style wolf snap back