Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Working on part Five of [SEALED]. Stay posted as I'll upload it soon! In the meantime enjoy! 


h&m hooded sweater

marc jacobs braces

h&m motorcycle denim 

asos black 3/4 sleeve shirt

ebay boots

Sunday, June 17, 2012

[SEALED]/demoed tunes

This post is about me as my alias, QualifiD MTRL. I've been hard at work putting together a seven part series of short sets, entitled [SEALED]. Each set embodies an atmosphere of dark undertones and in my own weird way of thinking, I've chosen to work backwards with each creation. Check out the new set on Soundcloud entitled 6ixth. Press play below and enjoy!


Monday, June 11, 2012

7EVENTH/b:scott canvas workman pant

I said more B:Scott and here it is! Sure, there are stripes on the outside of pants, but I'll take them on the inside. Also, I just posted a new set on SoundCloud entitled 7eventh. Check it out here 7eventh [Sealed].


h & m button down 

b:scott canvas workman pant

marea watch

thrifted belt used as a bracelet

ebay boots

Sunday, June 10, 2012

SIN/b:scott flannel funnel neck sweater

...A little Sin City anyone?

I love this B:Scott sweater! ...And really what's not to love; the stripe down the back, the exaggerated collar and the zipper down both sides. I think that I just need more B:Scott... I also bought the canvas workman pants that I'll post at a later time along with a new set that I'll post on SoundCloud with a dark sinister sound...stay tuned.


b:scott flannel funnel neck sweater

bb bruno bordese washed leather boots

zara man motorcycle pant

Friday, June 8, 2012

PLAGUING THE MASSES/nicholas k elliot pant

I am not one to wear shorts...they are just not for me, as more often than not, some guy is wearing some poorly constructed short that is baggy, ill-fitted, and looks horrible. Plus, I am a former soccer player and I was forced to wear shorts so perhaps in the back of my mind I feel that they serve a purpose; therefore, with me no longer playing soccer there's no need to wear shorts... Enter the Nicholas K Elliot Pant, it's not a short as it is obviously classified as a pant, but how great is it?! Dressed up or down and perfectly fitted these pants are amazing. You want to separate yourself from the epidemic that plagues the masses, these are a necessity!


nicholas k elliot pant

zara man blazer

h&m button down 

dirty english fingerless leather gloves

hot topic braces

ebay boots 

ray-ban aviators 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AT THE ALTER/ h&m suit

It's not like I have a lot of experience in the wedding department. I just heard somewhere that you shouldn't upstage anyone in the wedding party (Amanda told me that)...Actually, all of my wedding etiquette knowledge comes from Amanda, who does well to keep in informed of the proper do's and don'ts. One "do" would have been attending the Bassnectar concert that was taking place at the exact same time as the wedding at Red Rocks...Perhaps I should mention that the wedding was also at Red Rocks (Would it be wrong to say that my mind was more focused on that?) So in keeping it simple, and hearing "Yo" by Bassnector playing in my head,  I opted for a black suit and white button down for our friends wedding. This might just be my wedding attending outfit! Suit, shirt, done!...maybe I'll switch it up next time and wear brown shoes. 


h&m suit 

joseph abboud shoes

luis vuitton belt

h&m button down 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

EDUN ROCK/ray-ban aviators

 These have to be a pair of my favorite shoes...I say that now, but I do have my eye on a pair of Aigle boots that I think will be awesome for this Fall (yeah, I'm already planning that far ahead).  I really like the studs that cover these shoes and whenever I where these I don't want to cover the tongue just so I can show off the plaque.

The Edun tee was a really cool find as it was a freebie given away at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. Who gives a away Edun clothing? MCA Denver does! 

I love watches...not really sure why...I just do! I try to buy a watch on every trip I take so that I can remember the experience. This Marea watch was purchased in Barcelona and every time I wear it I am reminded that I need to get my stuff together so I can move there.


fedora purchased on the streets of paris 

ray-ban aviator sunglasses

edun shirt

mek corduroy

hot topic braces

marea watch 

rock & republic studded high top sneakers

thrifted belt used as a cuff