Friday, September 27, 2013

RIDE/icon elsinore boots

It's about that time of the year when I take that last ride before filling the gas tank with Sea Form and placing the battery on a tender only to fill the air with the low hum of electricity and provide the battery with a steady stream of nutrients while awaiting the world around me to unthaw. 

I know...she's old, the bike that is, but she's mine and I can't bring myself to replace her. She even bares the scars of the tough times we've been through. Although temperamental at times, she is still true to me. So I keep her and each time I pull back the choke, turn the ignition key and press the starter and the loud roar of the engine rings in my ears I still smile like it was the first time we met. 

Remember, safety first kids...although, you don't see it in the pics, I do wear a helmet whenever I ride.


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icon elsinore boots

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kawasaki zx6-r

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